3D Blu-ray movies are currently only available for purchase. Renting 3D Blu-ray movies is what we do!  We believe 3D at home is finally at a point where the experience is worth the expense.  However, after buying your setup with new 3DTV, 3D Blu-ray player, and 3D glasses, where do you go for content?  Cable and Satellite services provide 3D content but at a lower resolution and lower audio quality.  To experience the best possible 3D movie experience, you will need to get 3D Blu-ray movies displaying a full 1080P picture and audio up to 7.1 HD lossless quality.  That is just too much bandwidth for your Cable and Satellite providers.

With our 3D Blu-ray exclusive online rental store, we try and stock every current 3D Blu-ray movie and upcoming 3D movie on the day of release.  If you do not see something you are interested in, "contact us" and we will try and add it to our collection.  

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Please participate and see what customers are saying about us here.  We take feedback very seriously and will try and make adjustments accordingly.  

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